VC Mobile for Tablet /Smart phone


Yealink VC Mobile for tablet and smart phone, as a new type app launched by Yealink used for a high definition videoconferencing, extended this kind of video conferencing to such mobile staff as a tablet PC or smart phone and gives you the pleasure, quick decision-making and high efficiency made possible by this kind of video conferencing at any time, at any place and in any network environment.

Yealink VC Mobile for Android™ is compatible with the Android 4.4 and above. In accordance with your device type, it will accordingly display the user interface and provide you with the most comfortable and intuitive experience, be it a tablet PC or a smart phone.Yealink VC Mobile for Android™is equipped with the function of Intelligent Firewall Traversal for risk-free video conferencing. In addition, superior bandwidth adaptability and up to 8% packet loss resistance guarantee the smooth course of a video conferencing to the maximum. As a new and very innovative product, Yealink VC Mobile for Android™ is the ideal partner for you to have a mobile and HD video conferencing.